Is AmeriPlan Legit? – A Comprehensive Review!

If you dream of escaping the rat race and discovering the joy that true financial freedom can offer you, then you would have no doubt begun searching google to find out what options you have available to you. Chances are that if you are reading this blog, then you have come across AmeriPlan and are now wondering if it is a legitimate way to earn money.  Is AmeriPlan legit? Well in short, yes it is.

It has been around for many years and has provided many people with a genuine business opportunity with which they can earn money. There are also countless reviews online from successful participants to show that it certainly has helped real people.

What is AmeriPlan?

Before you can really answer the question ‘is AmeriPlan legit?’ you need to understand what the company is and how it operates. The global organization is based in Texas and since 1992 has been providing discount dental, health care, and prescription plans to customers across the world.

Founded by Dennis and Daniel Bloom, AmeriPlan is a Discount Medical Plans Organization (DMPO) and specializes in providing discounted healthcare and hospital stays, alongside things like dental packages. It is not a health insurance policy in any form, but a simple way to save money when going to a doctor, dentist or hospital.

AmeriPlan acts as the middleman between the public and the service providers, and for a small monthly fee members are able to enjoy discounts on medical and health surveys. Typically, these discounts range from 15-50% but in some cases it can even be as high as 80%.

There are various levels of membership that members of the public can sign for up, such as the entry-level AmeriPlan Dental Plus plan which provides your entire family with savings on Dental, Vision, Prescription, Hearing and Chiropractic services for just $19.95 per month.

On the other end of the scale is the premium AmeriPlan Deluxe Plus option which alongside all of the above also offers savings on Telemedicine, Prescription Drugs, Ancillary Services, Bill Negotiator, Healthcare Navigator and Surgery Saver. The $39.95 per month pass also offers its members extra benefits such as savings on holidays, golf trips and even coupons for your grocery.

However although this sounds a great thing to be a part of, it is important to point out that AmeriPlan is really only for Americans living in certain areas of the country so before joining ensure it is valid in your state.

So how do you make money from AmeriPlan?

AmeriPlan is what is known as a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company, which means people need to pay a small fee to become a member before they can begin to earn money and access the discounts. This fact you are required to pay money in order to earn a commission is why many people ask the question ‘is AmeriPlan legit?’

However, by paying the fee you will become what is known as one of their Benefit Consultants, which gives you commission for every AmeriPlan package you then sell. This commission is set at 40% for all of its commission-qualified members and typically to sell the products you will be able to purchase a list of leads, which you can then call to try and get them to join the program.

Alternatively, once you have joined AmeriPlan as a Benefits Consultant you will then be given the opportunity to get other people to join under you as a Benefits Consultant too. In order to do this, you can advertise on job-related websites and conduct your own interview processes to hire your own team – for each product they then sell, you will receive a small commission too.

Alongside the commission aspects, Benefit Consultants are also able to enter various program incentives with which they can earn extra bonuses. One of the most famous incentives is their Cadillac Club, which gives members who have earned $50,000 within twelve months and maintained a monthly income of $4,000 the chance to win a brand new Cadillac. These are only for the very top earners though so it is unlikely that most members will be earning enough, particularly at the start, to be entered into these incentive programs.

Does it offer any support or tools?

As part of your monthly fee, AmeriPlan will provide you with the tools to help you build and grow your business. These include a digital starter package to help you grow your brand and build your own unique website, live training calls with experts to prove your skills as well as various training modules which are designed to help you gain more leads and grow your downline.

Alongside that, the platform encourages you to stay in contact with the person who recruited you as well as other members in order for you to discuss any questions or problems that you might have. There is also an in-depth Frequently Asked Questions section which should cover most queries that Benefit Consultants have.

In recent years the company has also introduced a host of back-office tools and solutions to help their Benefit Consultants track the performance of their business and that of their recruits.

What are some of the Pros of AmeriPlan?

One of the biggest benefits of the AmeriPlan Multi-Level Marketing program is the longevity of the business. The fact it was first launched in 1992 means that the company has been operating for 18 years; which must mean that it is doing something right in order to have survived for so long. If it was a scam or an illegitimate way to make money then it would certainly have been shut down by now.

Compared to other Multi-Level Marketing companies out there, the monthly fee to join AmeriPlan is one of the lowest. Some companies require their consultants to pay hundreds of dollars in order to unlock various commission levels and on top of that meet regular sales figures. AmeriPlan, on the other hand, is a low-cost fee and only requires one sale per month from its consultants. Not only that, but some packages you can sign up for covers the entire family for their healthcare, which can be invaluable should you need medical help for your loved ones.

Alongside the fact it has been in operation for so long is the number of positive reviews that it enjoys on independent websites. Ratings sites such as Glassdoor have it currently at four stars out of five. If that is not a confidence booster, then the fact that Ameriplan also offers members a 30 days money-back guarantee, no questions asked should be enough to encourage many people to try it out.

What about some of the negatives?

Perhaps one of the biggest negatives of the AmeriPlan program is its declining popularity. Every year since its most popular year in 2004 it has been decreasing in members and interest. A Google Trends review shows that it is currently as one of its all-time lows in the terms of people searching for the product.

Another big negative is the limited availability of AmeriPlan in states across the country. Whilst there are hundreds of thousands of healthcare providers and professionals working as part of the system there are even more not currently active. This means that some members may find they are not actually able to enjoy the discounts they are paying for as there are simply not any participating professionals in their area.

The primary way to earn a commission is by cold calling potential buyers. For many people this could be a serious problem as they lack the confidence and skills to call strangers and try to sell them a product, particularly in this entirely digital world. Nowadays, cold calling is a particularly archaic way of marketing yourself and can put a lot of people off.

The commission scheme can be a little confusing too, particularly when it comes to the amount you can earn from fellow Benefit Consultants that you bring in.

So is AmeriPlan legit?

To answer the question ‘is AmeriPlan legit?’ is easy, yes it is. The fact that it has been in operation continuously for eighteen years is proof that it is entirely legal and not a scam. If it was, then the authorities would have shut it down long ago and the pool of Benefit Consultants would have stopped.

That said, if you are looking to become truly financially independent and say goodbye to the 9-5 rat race then it might not be the best option for you. The dated marketing methods of cold calling are enough to put many consultants off, whilst trying to entice new customers will be incredibly tough. This leaves many trying to sell packages to their friends, family, and acquaintances which can damage relationships and only lead to a small number of sales.

How I make my money online!

There can be no questioning the legitimacy of the AmeriPlan platform but personally I have found the dated methods of marketing and attracting new customers very off-putting and not conducive to making real money. In this modern age, it is almost impossible not to have some form of digital presence so you should be maximizing the opportunities the online world offers.

For me, I have found that the Wealthy Affiliate platform has helped me to earn the most money. Using their proven affiliate marketing techniques I have been able to say goodbye to the 9-5 and I can now work from anywhere in the world, whenever I want.

Created back in 2005, it has helped tens of thousands of people do the same too. Completely free to join, it offers you all the skills needed to truly kick-start your affiliate marketing career. With absolutely no obligations to purchase the monthly subscription option, I found that this was actually very beneficial and helped me to take my business to the next step and earn even more.

The subscription offers you some fantastic business tools, such as lessons and tips on how to market yourself online through SEO and social media, ensure your customers are happy and even how to manage things like finance.

There are also some useful lessons on how to track your performance using google analytics which then lets you tailor your methods to achieve maximum results.

So if you are looking to achieve maximum results from your online business, I highly recommend joining the Wealthy Affiliate program today so you can unlock your dreams of becoming financially independent!

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