Zap Surveys Review; Can you really make money from the platform?

If you are reading this Zap Surveys review, then it is likely that you are wondering whether the platform is a genuine and legitimate way to make money and whether it is worth you investing your time and effort into it.

Zap Surveys is just one of the growing number of survey-based platforms out there. These apps and websites are designed to reward users who complete a survey with a monetary amount; basically meaning their members can earn extra money by simply sharing their thoughts!

However just as it is with all of these online survey websites, Zap Surveys will not pay you enough to let you leave the 9-5 rat race and discover financial freedom. That said, it can help you earn just enough to treat yourself every now and then.

What is Zap Surveys?

How does it work?

Before looking into the legitimacy of the platform and whether it is actually worth participating in the surveys it offers, no Zap Surveys review would be complete without first looking into who the company actually is and how the platform works.

First launched back in 2017, Zap Surveys is part of a far bigger parent company called Apps that Pay LLC, which strives to offer users a range of apps that helps them to earn the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time.

As the flagship product in the Apps that Pay, LLC range, Zap Surveys is the most well-known in terms of public awareness and unlike other survey sites, Zap Surveys is only available for use as an app on either Android or iOS systems.

The primary way that Zap Surveys users are able to earn money is by completing one of the many surveys on offer. Typically, these surveys are offered through one of three third-party websites; Tab Research, Peanut Labs and Say So For Good. Every time a user completes one of these surveys, they are then rewarded with a small monetary amount which is often between $0.20 and $0.50. Of course, some of these surveys can be lower than that whilst some surveys are known to pay up to ten times that amount.

By primarily using those third-party apps, it does mean that Zap Surveys is not able to be used in certain countries, or areas, so before downloading the app check that you are eligible to participate in the surveys provided by those three companies.

Alongside getting users to complete questionnaires, Zap Surveys does also provide its members with various other ways to boost their profits. One of the most well-known of these is the high joining bonus that the platform offers new members – with their home page currently advertising that new members will receive over $6 for the very first survey they complete. It is important to remember though that this is just a welcome offer and the majority of the surveys that you will be completing will only be worth a fraction of that amount.

Zap Surveys also rewards those members who share the platform with their friends and promote it on social media, primarily the Facebook and Twitter platforms, and for each platform that you si share Zap Surveys on, you will be paid $0.50 – however you only get to do this once on each channel.

Helping to spread the word of Zap Surveys is a key priority for the company, which is why they also offer bonuses for every person that you refer to the platform who signs up themselves and completes a survey. Every time someone does this, you will receive $0.15 per person. Whilst this is not a huge sum of money, there is no limit to the number of people you can invite, so in theory, this is an endless supply of additional income.

Zap Surveys also rewards those players who are active on the app every day; giving players $0.03 every single day they log in and complete a survey. On top of that, it will also reward those users who log in for 45 consecutive days with an additional $0.75.

How do Zap Surveys pay you?

Like most of the survey-based platforms, Zap Surveys will pay its users either via direct PayPal transactions, pre-paid Visa debit cards or gift cards for Amazon. However before you can claim these rewards, you do need to ensure that you have reached the $25 minimum threshold.

This is one of the highest thresholds of any survey site, which when coupled with the fact that Zap Surveys does not offer as many surveys as other platforms, or as many additional ways to boost your earnings, which means that it can take some users a long time before they reach the minimum limit.

However that said, Zap Surveys does actually offer one unique aspect in that it promises to pay an additional 10% of what you earn to a charity; which does make a nice change and help you to feel like you are doing something more than just earning your own money.

How much can you make from Zap Surveys?

No real Zap Surveys review would be complete without looking into just how much money you could earn from using the app. Whilst there is no maximum amount of commission that you can earn by completing the surveys on the site, the fact that there are not usually too many that you are eligible for does mean that you will not usually be completing more than a few every day.

With a few hours dedicated to completing surveys every single day, you can build up a small amount of extra money – however, it takes a lot of work and you will still have to reach the $25 minimum each time before you can withdraw any of the funds.

What are some of the Advantages?

One of the biggest advantages of the Zap Surveys software is that it is very easy to join and anyone who owns an iPhone or Android is able to download the Zap app and sign up using their email address.

Although it is open to anyone in the world, the three third-party apps that it uses to offer members surveys to complete are not eligible in every country and can even vary quite differently in certain regions of America; leaving many people stuck with only a few surveys to complete each week.

The surveys themselves are very easy to complete and the app is very smooth and intuitive so anyone will be able to use the platform and easily complete them. Another strong point of the Zap Surveys app is that most of the surveys on offer are quick to complete, with some being as quick as just one minute long whilst some of the longer ones are around ten minutes.

What are some of the Negatives?

As mentioned, one of the biggest negatives of the Zap Surveys app is that some users are not able to complete as many surveys as other users, and the number available depends on where you are located in the world. The other major negative factor is the low reward fees that the platform pays its users, particularly when compared to other survey websites on the market.

Reading reviews online reveals that many users have complained that after the initial big sign up bonus and completing the first few surveys, the number of surveys they then have been eligible for has stopped and they have not been able to earn enough money to reach the required withdrawal threshold.

So, is Zap Surveys a scam?

Although there have been some users who have complained that they have not been able to complete enough surveys and additional tasks to reach the required $25 minimum withdrawal threshold, this Zap Surveys review should help to show that the app is most certainly not a scam.

It is run by a reputable parent company, Apps that Pay LLC, and is a featured app on both the iOS and Android stores; meaning that it is certainly a legitimate company and a very real way to make money.

Is it worth participating in?

Although this Zap Surveys review has helped to show that the platform is not a scam, it is also not a viable way for you to earn enough money to quit that daily rat race and become financially independent.

If you want a way to while away a few minutes every day whilst simultaneously earning a little bit of money, then Zap Surveys is a great solution to fill your downtime – however, it is not a big money maker and there are actually better survey sites out there for you to try.

How I Make My Money Online!

Although these survey sites are a great way to earn a little bit of extra money in a fun and interactive way, you will not be able to earn more than enough to treat yourself to a night out once every couple of months.

If you are looking to leave the dreaded 9-5, become your own boss and discover true financial independence then there are many more rewarding options out there for those who are willing to put the effort in.

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