World Wide Dream Builders Review

When it comes to finding a way to ditch the standard 9-5 and discover a new path of financial freedom, the internet is awash with different methods and business opportunities that claim to be able to transform your life. If you are reading this article, then it is likely you have searched for a World Wide Dream Builders review to see if the platform is legitimate or if it is some kind of scam…

What is World Wide Dream Builders?

No World Wide Dream Builders review could be complete without first taking a little look into the company and where they came from. With such a unique name, World Wide Dream Builders certainly attracts attention, even more so when people realize it is an offshoot of the respected marketing company Amway.

Having been in operation since the 1950s, Amway is one of the most well-known marketing networks in the world and enjoys an annual turnover of over $9 billion. World Wide Dream Builders was first established in 1977 by successful Amway distributors Ron Puryear and his spouse Georgia and became incorporated as a company in 1995.

Their success with Amway saw the pair want to create a way to train other recruits to become Diamond level distributors and over the past four decades, World Wide Dream Builders has grown to become the largest Amway training and motivational group in existence.

How does World Wide Dream Builders work?

In order to become part of the World Wide Dream Builders community, you will need to first become part of the Amway program – which means creating your own business on their platform which costs you an annual fee of $100.   

Once you have done that, you will then be able to join the World Wide Dream Builder network which costs you $5 per month to access the basic features or an additional $49.95 to unlock the full features. On top of that, there are then additional purchases you can make to enjoy extra features and informational training CDs, etc.

As this is an unbiased World Wide Dream Builders review, that is a lot of money to outlay if you are just starting off trying to find financial independence, so really the platform is only for those who have been in business for a while.

The general idea is that World Wide Dream Builder sells motivational and training products for people signed up as an Amway distributor. This information will help them to sell more products, recruit more marketers and move up through the organization until they eventually reach the Diamond level where they could be earning up to seven figures.

For every motivational or training product you sell from the World Wide Dream Builder range, you will receive a commission on the price. The platform is also a multi-level marketing model, which means that each member can also recruit further distributors into the World Wide Dream Builder network, and for each product their recruits sell, they will then receive commission on top of that too.

Whilst this sounds very similar to many other networks, to make any real money on the World Wide Dream Builder platform requires a lot of time and effort. To work your way through the ranks, you are required to be selling serious amounts of the materials and need a personal downline network doing the same, in order to be able to achieve the same level of financial freedom that Ron and his wife did.

On top of that, World Wide Dream Builder also operates a unique breakaway business model, which effectively means that whenever you hit a certain level of points your entire downline breaks away and you will need to start over again. The idea behind this is to keep you pushing and selling, although it does seem a little unfair.

There are a number of different levels within World Wide Dream Builder, with all recruits joining initially as members of the Eagle Club. From there they can move on to the Double Eagle Club, Double Eagle Platinum, Ruby Platinum, Taste of Diamond, Double Eagle Ruby and Emerald Incentive.

Each level gives you various increases in commission as well as access to exclusive events and community talks.

What Are Some of The Pros?

One of the biggest positive points of the World Wide Dream Builder network is the fact that it has been in operation since the 1970s and is considered the largest and most successful Amway group currently in operation.

That length of time and the sheer number of successful members that they have helped should help to alleviate any fears that you might have as to whether the platform is a scam or hoax. There are also multiple events throughout the year, allowing you to meet up with other World Wide Dream Builder Network members so you can discuss techniques and experiences – something that a business that was not legitimate would do.

Another positive of the community is the tools and resources that it provides you. These are very useful business tools which will help you to viably grow your own company and expand your knowledge.

There are also some great podcasts, training courses and in-person classes you can attend to boost your knowledge even further on not just Amway/World Wide Dream Builders techniques but genuine business essentials such as finance, marketing, and selling.

What About the Cons?

One of the biggest cons has to be the outright money that you need to pay in order to start accessing the various materials from the World Wide Dream Builder range. Not many people will be willing to part with such a large sum without complete confidence that they will be able to recoup that value. Although it is possible, it does require a lot of time and effort.

The fact that it is not a get rich quick scheme means you need to invest serious time into making it a success, needing you to completely commit to the Amway and World Wide Dream Builders lifestyle; meaning you will not be able to make this a true success whilst maintaining your regular 9-5 job.

There are also a lot of negative reviews and complaints on the internet, including problems with products, distributers not being allowed to use their own products and the fact that you will also have to pay for shipping out of your own profits. That means if you are not earning enough in commission, it could actually start costing you money to operate!

Another big negative is the fact that it is a multi-level marketing scheme which requires you to be forceful in recruiting new people in order to maximize your own profit. If you are not confident in speaking to strangers, then you will quickly find the pool of friends and family drying up leaving you without a way to extend your downline.

Is it a pyramid scheme?

In short, no. Pyramid schemes are completely illegal and there is no chance that World Wide Dream Builder would have been operating since the 1970s if it was a pyramid scheme. The idea behind multi-level marketing platforms is to create a clear chain of affiliates all working together to maximize their profits.

World Wide Dream Builder is doing exactly that, as well as offering you valuable tools and business tips to help you grow your Amway business. Its overall aim is to act as a mentorship and training program so you can achieve the best possible results and reach Diamond level with your Amway account.

So, just how many Amway Diamond levels have they created?

Whilst this all sounds very appealing, as long as you are willing to put in the work, this would not be a complete World Wide Dream Builders review without looking into just how many diamond level sellers that it has helped to achieve.

According to the most up to date information available, World Wide Dream Builder has helped to produce over 500 Diamond Amway members.

Is World Wide Dream Builders Worth it?

So is it worth it?

Whilst there can certainly be no questioning the legitimacy of the World Wide Dream Builders network as a viable way to make money, it is a long and laborious way of doing so. If you are unable to completely dedicate your life to it then the chance of you being able to make real money and quit your day to day work is very unlikely.

Multi-level marketing requires a lot of confidence and time to be able to recruit enough members in your downline to make it a success and many people believe it to be some form of pyramid scheme when they first hear about it.

Amway has a good reputation in the community, but the fact that there are some questionable reviews and complaints about the products from some World Wide Dream Builders review posts should make you think hard before committing to joining the program.

How I Make My Money Online

Personally, I found my financial independence by using the affiliate marketing route instead of the multi-level marketing system. There are many people who have made a lot of money with World Wide Dream Builders, but it requires a lot of effort and there is no guarantee that you will be able to achieve enough profit to make it viable.

I use the Wealthy Affiliate platform, as this not only pays a great commission but also provides very real and genuine advice on business to help you take the next steps in your career. It is completely free to join and that will give you enough tools and information to fully run your business, however, the paid subscription service gives you access to even more lessons and information to really set yourself apart from the rest of your competitors.

Since its launch in 2005, thousands of people have been able to ditch their boring 9-5 job and enjoy a work/life balance many people can only dream of – and many thanks to the lessons and skills I learned from it, I’m one of those people!

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