PointClub Review – $5, A Good Head Start?

Maybe you’re someone who’s familiar with taking online surveys, and the $5 sign up bonus PointClub Surveys is offering has gotten your attention. Now, you’re curious to find out if it’s a legit opportunity or a rip-off. Well, search no more! This PointClub review covers enough for you to decide whether what they claim is true – “the best place to earn cash taking online surveys” eh?

PointClub Surveys – What is it?

What is PointClub Surveys

Market research studies have become so common on the internet because every day new products are tested and launched. As a result, market researchers are constantly looking for survey takers to participate in surveys. And in exchange for their time the survey takers are paid in points.

There are a variety of platforms where these marketer researchers and survey takers meet to transact. PointClub happens to be such a platform.

PointClub surveys have been in existence since 1995, clearly enough time for them to develop powerful marketing strategies. Like this $5 sign up bonus for example.

As a survey taker on PointClub, your goal is basically to:

  • Partake mainly in surveys and some other tasks to earn points.
  • Reach the minimum threshold for withdrawing points (25,000 points)
  • Redeem points either through Gift Cards or PayPal

So, Is PointClub Surveys a Scam?

As far as taking a survey is concerned, I don’t see PointClub as a scam. The fact that they’ve been operating for over 20 years with the same website and paying their members confirms that they’re legit. 

Tasks That Earn You Points on PointClub

After you complete your sign up, PointClub starts you off with a bonus of 5,000 points which is equivalent to $5. This is a way of motivating you to earn more with their platform.

Here’s exactly how the $5 bonus (5,000 points) is earned:

  • Signup – 2,000 pts 
  • Complete profile – 1,000 pts
  • Email verification – 1,000 pts
  • Profile bonus – 1,000 pts

Total => 5,000 pts = $5.

If you’re a fan of taking surveys, I’m sure you’ll agree that this is an offer too attractive to ignore.

Main Task – Taking Surveys

Answering surveys on PointClub is mainly how you earn points. Just like most survey sites, surveys are available to members based on their profile and demographics. So, I strongly advise that you always provide honest and accurate answers, as this plays a big role in the number of surveys that come your way.

There are always surveys displayed on your dashboard when you log in. On any of these surveys, you can earn between 200 to 2000 points.

PointClub is very particular about the quality of your answers to these surveys before they award any points. If you try to use hacks to earn more points or play the system to give you more surveys, it will not work but only be a waste of time. The key is to keep providing honest and accurate answers.

Most of these survey questions are often repeated. Just to see if you’re providing random answers. If you do this, you’ll keep getting disqualified. For instance, if your profile says you’re “married”, and your answer to a similar question in a qualifying survey is “single”, you could be disqualified for that survey. So if you want to succeed on PointClub, you should always be consistent in answering the surveys.

Also, be aware that your account could be terminated if there’s a high rate of failed repeated questions.

In some cases, surveys could still be disqualified even after you’ve spent time providing honest answers. It’s something common with many survey sites and I keep wondering why?  But unlike other survey platforms, PointClub still rewards you with 12 points. This is a way of showing that they recognize the worth of your time.

More Tasks Include:

The Daily Streak Bonus

The Daily Streak Bonus is one-way PointClub keeps members active on their platform. You earn extra points for every day that you login to your account. This bonus is a certain percentage of all your completed surveys.

On the 1st level, you’ll get a 10% bonus on your completed surveys. After your 5th login, you’ll move to the 2nd level with a 20% increase in bonus. As you login to your account daily, your bonuses and levels will continue to increase until 100%.

To reach the 100% mark, you must always sign-in daily for 100 days. And when your account is inactive, your level decreases. So, you may want to keep signing in daily just to level up even if there aren’t available surveys. 

The Daily Sweepstakes

Every day 10 people are randomly selected to benefit from the grand prize of 10,000 points. You need a super-code from the PointClub’s Facebook fan page to participate. This code would qualify you for the contest, and you’re eligible by submitting it in your daily sweep shout-box.

You can use this super-code daily until when you’re selected for an extra 1,000 points. This could be your chance of always winning some extra points on PointClub if you’re always feeling lucky.

But How Much Money Can You Really Make on PointClub?

Compared to what you’ll actually make in dollars, earning in points can be deceiving. I do not intend to discourage you.

Check this out

PointClub’s 1,000 points are equivalent to $1, meaning for just 1 point you get $0.001. Hmmmmmm…Do you think it would really be easy reaching the minimum 25,000 points threshold? Probably not. Even with a head start of 5,000 points ($5 sign up bonus), I still think getting up to 20,000 points could be a great deal. There’s no guarantee that you’ll always earn the maximum points per survey. And truth be told, surveys aren’t always available.

Consequently, it could take months for you to accumulate your points or weeks if you overwork yourself.

What I Like About PointClub

  • PointClub is FREE to join.
  • Anyone from any country can join PointClub.
  • There are interesting bonuses to keep members active on the platform.
  • There’s the option to redeem your points in cash (PayPal)
  • Although surveys aren’t always available (this is actually based on your demographics), PointClub still beats some survey platforms on the number of surveys provided to their survey takers.
  • They still reward points for a disqualified survey.

I Don’t Like That…

  • It’s impossible to quit your real job for this type of opportunity because of its low-income potentials. 
  • Earning points to reach the minimum redeemable reward could be really tasking.

Is PointClub Really Worth Your Time?

All it takes to succeed on these penny-accumulation platforms like PointClub is your patience and consistency. If not, you’ll keep having issues like some of PointClub’s members expressing their bitterness on the Better Business Bureau and Trust Pilot.

PointClub Complaints – BBB
PointClub Compaints – Trust Pilot

PointClub could be worth trying but it isn’t an opportunity I would recommend to anyone looking to make real money or a full-time income online.

My Thoughts

It is neither the good nor bad name of PointClub that can pay your bills. Only you can. So, it’s really up to you to decide what you truly want. Is it joining the club of penny-accumulation or earning a real income online?

If exchanging your time for pennies taking surveys is what you want to settle for, then have a look at the following paid research survey platforms. They have a good reputation when it comes to taking surveys.

ySense, SurveyTime, PointsPrizes, TimeBucks, Tellwut, Prolific

Additionally, you probably wouldn’t resist the offers on Respondent.io. This platform has high paying research studies where you could possibly earn an average of $140 per hour. And it is also FREE to join.

A Better Alternative

Alternatively, if you truly desire the potential of generating real income with the opportunities available on the internet. Then having your own Affiliate Marketing Business is the BEST option. And a place where you can have a complete understanding of how to do this is Wealthy Affiliate.

I’m using this PointClub review as a medium to recommend Wealthy Affiliate because it’s a platform that’s been working for me. You don’t need the experience to begin, it is beginner-friendly and it is completely FREE to join. The best part is that the training is really easy-to-follow until you start making your money!

I hope I was able to give you some insights with my PointClub review and hope you’ll make the best decision for your online business.

In case you’ve some experiences with PointClub and like to share, you’re welcome to do so in the comment box below and it would be greatly appreciated. I’m always here if you have questions and gladly connect with you.

Thanks for reading!

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