Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit? – A Honest Review

Wealthy Affiliate is not a new name in the world of affiliate marketing, having been around for 14 years so far. Over the near-decade and a half, they have been in business, the company claims to have helped nearly one and half million budding entrepreneurs around the world. That is certainly an impressive figure – but is Wealthy Affiliate legit? Is it a platform that you can trust?

A quick internet search will reveal a lot of conflicting reviews and opinions on Wealthy Affiliate; from some entrepreneurs claiming it has helped make them vast amounts of money to people who claim they have not made a thing. So which one is it?

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

In order to understand why there are such varying views, it is important to understand what Wealthy Affiliate actually is and what it offers its customers.

It was created back in 2005 by two marketing professionals, Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim, and the platform is aimed at marketers of all skill levels; from those who are just getting started all the way up to experienced and successful affiliate marketers.

The primary aim of the system is to help transform its customer’s ideas into lucrative profit-making businesses. If someone has a passion or hobby that motivates them, Wealthy Affiliate claims it can help them to create a business from over a million lucrative niches.

Back in 2005 when it first started, a small monthly fee would simply give you a list of keywords for a new niche once a month, complete with ads to run in google.

However, that has transformed massively over the past fourteen years and the site now offers its users the ability to:

• Communicate with other members to discuss and share ideas

• Build and create beautiful websites

• Use a clear and easy to navigate Content Management System (CMS)

• Have personal support and mentoring

• Attend live classes and training modules

• Conduct Keyword searches using their in-house research tool.

The site wants to encourage users to join the platform so it offers a free membership, but this is very much a ‘Lite’ version and restricts some of the content for the user. That said, they can still create a profile and engage with some members as well as take part in a small number of free lessons too, which helps to explain how the platform works and provides some simple tips to get started.

Join Wealthy Affiliate

The idea is to choose an area that interests you from one of the many niches listed, build a website around that using their simple website building tools, promote your company to attract visitors and sell the product. The initial level one lessons cover these four areas in-depth and get you started, but to really use the platform as it was designed users do then have to subscribe to the monthly fee of $49.

So far, it all sounds fair and above board. Nothing invested apart from your time and some valuable marketing tips to take advantage of

There is no obligation to sign up and pay the fee though, which means users can continue to use the program at no cost. However, users who do opt to join are given access to a wide array of lessons and courses to help improve their skills and promote their business even further.

When you take into account the cost of attending an evening school or college, the fact that you are able to take advantage of so many classes and events makes the $49 worthwhile anyway. These lessons inform students about real-life skills that are transferable to any business. Topics covered include things such as accounting, marketing, using social media, how to use google analytics, how to create content and how to engage with customers.

On top of the lessons, Wealthy Affiliate also provides its users with the option to enroll in additional boot camps which are specifically designed around the platform and the niche businesses being traded on there.

How much can you earn from using Wealthy Affiliate?

There is no one clear answer to the question of how much money you can make from using the Wealthy Affiliate platform, it entirely depends on the time and effort that you put into promoting yourself. Using the information that Wealthy Affiliate provides in their lessons is a great tool to get you started, but just how much can you really make?

A quick google search will reveal massively contrasting tales of fortunes from people who have tried Wealthy Affiliate, but in short, the platform will pay you a commission based on the sales of a product bought via your website. This commission is even available to people who have signed up for the free version – that sure does not sound like much of a scam to us!

Premium members are able to enjoy a higher commission rate, enabling them to earn significantly more money compared to the free version, and they can also take part in an affiliate credit scheme which pays for every additional member that you bring into the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Just like any online system that suggests you can earn a fortune, this no gets the rich quick scheme. To truly make Wealthy Affiliate a success you have to invest a lot of time and effort into it. You need to act on your own and be motivated – some people believe they can simply sign up to the community and begin earning money.

However, if you treat this as a serious business rather than a hobby then you can certainly expect to earn some significant sums of money. This is not one of those survey websites that will pay you a few dollars immediately after completing a ten-minute multiple-choice questionnaire, but a genuine and legitimate business opportunity.

Completing every lesson possible and reaching the end of the training program is the best way to ensure success, but even then you will still need to commit several hours each week into your business. The people who make the most money from Wealthy Affiliate are those who treat their customers with respect; those who create a professional-looking site that offers value.

With some effort and careful planning, there are many success stories online of people being able to significantly supplement their normal salary with Wealthy Affiliate whilst some dedicated partners have even been able to turn it into a full-time business.

So what’s the catch? Why the negativity?

Chances are that if you are reading this blog then you are wondering as to whether Wealthy Affiliate is a legit business opportunity or whether it is a scam. Alongside the many success stories, there are some negative reviews that can be off-putting to people interested in joining the program.

As we have previously mentioned, there is no obligation to paying to join Wealthy Affiliate so there is really nothing to lose other than investing some time and effort. So where do the negative reviews come from?

The main problem is that many people mistakenly believe that it is a get rich quick proposition so when they have not made thousands of dollars in their first week of trading, they quickly believe that Wealthy Affiliate is not legit and should not be trusted. The platform is not for people looking for an easy money making system; it takes time and effort to become successful.

Another negativity is that a lot of people mislead readers to sign up to the platform via their personal affiliate link – meaning they get a commission from the platform. These people then do not support their new signings, leaving newcomers feeling like it was a waste of time.

The $49 a month membership fee can also appear to be quite high for many newcomers. Some people sign up to use the free version and without putting much effort in do not receive much income; so do not see the investment being worthwhile. However, dedicated Wealthy Affiliate members have proven that the monthly investment is more than worth it.

So, is Wealthy Affiliate legit, should I do it?

That question is entirely up to you. If you are wanting to earn more money and are eager to put the time and effort in to start your own business and perhaps achieve financial independence then yes, Wealthy Affiliate is legit and it is worth signing up to take part in.

The fact that you are able to sign up and join the platform for free without needing to part with anything other than a bit of your time is almost a no-brainer as you have nothing to lose.

If you do decide to join, make the most of the community to talk with fellow Wealthy Affiliate members so you can share ideas and learn ways to earn even more money. The comprehensive training program is also well worth investing your time in as you can learn many practical business skills that you can transfer to your everyday life too.

How I Make My Money Online

A great way I supplement my income is Affiliate Marketing. I learned the entire process when I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I make use of the whole host of tools and tips their website provides. As a result, my online business has flourished and I have gained true financial freedom. Now, I’m thinking of quitting my day job to go into Affiliate Marketing full-time because it is an evergreen business opportunity that has proven to be very lucrative for me.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that anyone can join for free to acquire skills in Affiliate Marketing. I joined Wealthy Affiliate with no experience but I was able to quickly learn and grow my knowledge through their free video lessons and live training. Chatting and sharing ideas with existing members has also helped.  I apply those learnings to my business and watch it grow!

As earlier mentioned, with a bit of dedication and some patience, the free version of Wealthy Affiliate is as good as the paid version in earning you significant income as an Affiliate Marketer.

Thank you for reading!

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