Free Affiliate Marketing Guide – Beginner Basics

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Start with this free affiliate marketing guide – The Basics for a Beginner.

With the cost of living rising and wages stagnating, many people are looking to alternative ways to earn money online. There are many different ways to do this, however, Affiliate Marketing is quickly becoming the go-to solution for many budding entrepreneurs. Whilst there is no get a rich-quick solution, Affiliate Marketing is providing a very real income for many people around the world and with dedication and motivation, you could also be earning four-figure sums each and every month.

This free affiliate marketing guide is to show beginners the tips and tricks needed to succeed, however, this information alone will not be enough to earn the sums of money needed to become financially independent, for that to happen you will need to put the hard work in.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Before you can become a successful Affiliate Marketer, you will need to understand exactly what Affiliate Marketing is. Chances are, as an adult in the modern world you would have already engaged in some form of it unwittingly – probably more times than once too.

Affiliate Marketing comes in various forms, perhaps you have used a ride-sharing app such as Uber or a shared mobility app like Lime? Chances are that when you downloaded these apps you were given a unique code for you to share with friends that, when used, would not only give them a discount on their ride but you as well. Effectively, you are getting paid (by the form of a discount) for simply recommending the products to your friends.

Whilst this is a great way to save a little money between friends, this does not really provide a platform for which you could start earning genuine money. There is another alternative however which does.

At some point in the last year, you would have almost certainly used a search engine to find information or a review on a product before you purchased it. Perhaps you went to YouTube to watch a comparison video or read an in-depth article on a review website and then used that information to make your decision. There is a very high probability that the video you are watching or article you are reading has been created by an Affiliate Marketer, so if you then clicked through to purchase that product using links in those reviews they will be receiving some form of commission.

The more powerful the article and better the SEO, the more people will read it which in turn will lead to more sales and more commission for you. This means you have unlimited potential on the income you can return – and by being completely online, you can say goodbye to the traditional 9-5 office job. Affiliate Marketing can be your gateway to true financial freedom as well as allowing you to work whenever and wherever you like.

Not only does it give you financial freedom but it does not require any formal training or experience in order to succeed. Dedication, passion and a willingness to put in the hard work is all that it takes to start earning money online.

How Do You Begin Affiliate Marketing?

A quick google search will reveal many different platforms and websites that will help you to begin your career in Affiliate Marketing. Many have their pros and cons, so it is worth doing your research on the various options and choosing the one that fits you most closely. Once you have signed up to an affiliate network, you will find that there are literally millions of potential products available for you to begin promoting as an affiliate.

Once accepted into a network, you will be given a unique affiliate link; this is the important part that allows the seller to track the affiliate that provided the referral. In order to earn money, you just need to get people to use this link to purchase the product… simple, right? Well not quite.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Step-by-step Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Step One – Choosing your niche

Now you have your affiliate links and are ready to begin promoting, it is important to find your niche; this is the market or group of people you will be promoting to. This niche should help to guide the topics on your websites and the products you will be selling.

Choosing a niche can be difficult, but if you have a passion for a particular subject or hobby, you will already have strong knowledge on it and will know what people are looking for when purchasing a product related to it.

Step Two – Planning

The worst thing you could do is to rush into things. Take your time and plan your strategy around your life. Typically you will be starting off doing this part-time around your main job so you need to ensure you can fit a few hours each day dedicated to creating content.

Step Three – Launch a website

This is a big step. With your niche chosen and your plan in place, build a website that you will use to promote your products. Nowadays, there are many platforms out there to help you create beautiful and functional websites that are fully optimized for modern browsers – without needing to have knowledge of coding or programming.

Step Four – Product Research

With your website built, it is time to begin branching out and expanding on the affiliate products you offer. By focusing on a niche you are passionate about, you will know which products are relevant and are going to sell. Similarly, you do not want to be promoting products with huge competition, so do your research and opt for unique products that customers will buy – which in turn will increase your profit.

Step Five – Market Yourself

Having a beautiful website and incredible products is one thing, but unless people are visiting that site you will not be making sales through your affiliate links. Use basic marketing skills to drive people to your website, the longer you do this the more knowledge you will have on how to do this but some basic tips include:

  • Using Social Media to drive interested parties to your website
  • Create exciting content such as blogs and news stories for your website and keep it regularly updated
  • Use SEO in these articles to ensure you climb up the ladder of search engines and appear more frequently.
  • Consider paid advertisements to put you in front of interested parties.

Step Six – Make Sales!

Now, this is the most fun step! Once you have found your niche, created a bespoke and stunning website, conducted market research on your topic and put yourself out there then you will see your affiliate link being used; meaning you will start earning revenue.

How Much Money Can You Make?

As mentioned earlier, there is no cap on the revenue you can earn through your affiliate links so the more times someone uses it to make a purchase, the higher your earnings will be. A quick search online will show that some of the most dedicated out there are capable of earning tens of thousands a month – however, this is rare and as a beginner, you should set yourself realistic goals.

It will probably take a few months of hard work before you see any noticeable traffic on your site and affiliate link and even then you cannot expect to be earning enough to retire on a beach on. However, by slowly building your brand and reputation, you will be able to create a brand that people want to engage with and you will then be able to reap even bigger rewards.

Any more tips?

As a beginner, you will have a lot to take in and learn so take your time and do not rush into anything. This is not a get rich quick scheme, so you should treat it as a genuine business opportunity and dedicate as much time as you can each and every day. If you dream of giving up the daily grind then you have to put in the effort to make your new business a success.

Equally, it is important to remember that it is a slow burner. You will not see results overnight but if you put in consistent effort and create strong content then visitors will come and your affiliate links will be used.

Another top tip is to use all of the available tools at your disposal. There are dozens of great communities out there with successful Affiliate Marketers who can help you with advice when starting out and sharing their experience.

Affiliate Marketing is a genuine way to make real money online. As technology continues to flourish, e-commerce is becoming increasingly more popular – which means the opportunities that Affiliate Marketing provides will only grow with it; meaning you can earn even more money.

How I Make My Money

As mentioned, there are lots of different platforms out there to support your Affiliate Marketing needs, but I have found Wealthy Affiliate to be one of the better options available. Since it was created back in 2005, it has helped thousands of people earn very real money every day but not only that, it provides you with all the tools needed to succeed.

The free version provides all of the skills needed to kick-start your Affiliate Marketing career, but the paid version is where things really help. You will be able to build stunning websites and keep them updated via a very easy-to-use Content Management System as well as take advantage of being able to communicate directly with other members to discuss and share ideas.

The best part, however, is the tutorials and live classes on offer, which help to teach you the skills needed to take your Affiliate Marketing to the next level. These lessons include tips on website building, social media, marketing, google analytics and accounting.

Using these tips, I’ve been able to fulfill most of my dreams, become financially independent and leave the rat race!

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