FeaturePoints Review: Is it a Lucrative App?

Have you heard of FeaturePoints? Are you wondering if it’s legit? Chances are if you are reading this FeaturePoints Review then you have googled that question and are now wondering if it is a real and safe website.

That is an understandable question, the internet is awash with get rich quick schemes and a quick engine search of FeaturePoints reveals tales of success and tales of woe from supposed previous customers.

Reading into the app, it can all seem a little too good to be true; can you really earn money by just downloading a simple app on your phone?

Like every online money making opportunity, there are stories of successful members making thousands of dollars whilst others claim to have just made a few dollars. So which is it?

This in-depth FeaturePoints Review will help to explain exactly what the platform is and some of the pros and cons involved.

What is FeaturePoints?

No FeaturePoints review would be complete without explaining exactly what it is.

In short, FeaturePoints is a free to use website and app that rewards its customers for downloading and trying other apps on their smartphone. Originally launched back in 2012, the company claims to have paid out nearly six million dollars to its customers – certainly an impressive figure when taken into account that it is a completely free website to sign up to.

For every app that a user downloads and interacts with, they will then receive a certain number of points. They can top those points up even further by completing various online surveys, shopping online or referring friends to FeaturePoints. These points can then be exchanged for rewards once a certain number has been reached.

When a user has reached enough points, they can then either redeem gift cards for websites such as Amazon, the App Store, Game Consoles and Starbucks or redeem them as cash options through PayPal or Bitcoin.

So, How Does FeaturePoints Work?

It is a very simple process, to join the platform you just need to head over to the FeaturePoints website and sign up using your name and an email address (this will need to be a real email address as you have to verify it).

Once you have signed up and secured your FeaturePoints accounts, to start building your base of points all you have to do is head over to the earning page either on the website or via the app where you will see a list of apps and the number of points you can earn from downloading them.

Click the links on the apps that take your fancy and you will be taken directly to the store page on your android or iPhone. From there, you just download the relevant app and use it for at least two minutes before your account will be credited with the listed amount of points, easy!

As this FeaturePoints review is explaining the pros and cons of the platform, it can take some time for those points to reach your account. Various reviewers online have stated that it ranges anywhere between a couple of hours all the way up to a few days. Once they have reached your account though they are yours to use as needed.

It is also worth noting that you do have to fully complete the app’s tutorial in order to earn your points, so keep that in mind when you are trying out and downloading various apps.

The good news is that there is no limit on the number of apps you can download and use every day so the more time you put into the platform the more money you can earn. In fact, FeaturePoints actually rewards those users who participate the most with higher earning apps that give users more points; more points means more money!

What About Additional Ways to Earn Points?

As mentioned in this FeaturePoints review, whilst downloading and using apps is the primary way users earn points there are many ways to top up your points balance. FeaturePoints gives you options to take part in various online surveys, which are a good way to provide additional points – it is worth noting however that qualifying for these surveys can sometimes take a bit of time.

Some FeaturePoints reviews neglect to mention that some of these surveys can take quite a long time to complete and they do need to be completed in one go, so if you do opt for these then ensure you have enough time to complete before starting one.

Another good way to earn extra points is through the FeaturePoints referral scheme. When you sign up to the platform you will be given a unique referral code and every time one of your friends who signs up using your code completes an app download, you will get 50% of the points they earn. So for example, if your friend earns 50 points, your balance will be topped up by 25 points. This really is a great way to boost your earnings and with no limit on the number of people you can get signed up on your code, many FeaturePoints customers have been able to accrue a significant balance of points.

Another way to earn money is through the FeaturePoints Cash Back feature. If you regularly shop online then this can really help you earn some extra cash – there are hundreds of well-known retailers partnered with FeaturePoints, including Forever 21, Walmart, Target and Macy’s, and by shopping with them, FeaturePoints receive a commission which they then share with you. It is definitely worth remembering next time you are doing the weekly shop or purchasing a new outfit.

FeaturePoints does also run regular competitions for its users which can reward them either with cash prizes or large piles of points which you can then redeem for rewards. To enter these competitions, you need to use tokens and you receive one token for every 20 points earned. The weekly competition to win $50 costs one token, whilst the monthly competition to win $150 costs two tokens to enter.

What Are The Rewards? Is it Worth it?

Like a lot of these online websites that help you to earn money, FeaturePoints is not a get rich quick scheme. In fact, one of the reasons there are some negative FeaturePoints reviews on the internet is because people failed to realize that to earn real money takes a certain degree of time and effort.

Every app you interact with or survey you complete will earn you points and then when you earn enough points you will be able to exchange them for the listed rewards.

FeaturesPoint Reward Gift Cards

These rewards vary from gift cards for reputable retailers such as iTunes, Amazon, PlayStation, Xbox, Nike or Starbucks to cash options with PayPal and Visa. There’s also an option to claim your reward as bitcoin.

If you dedicate a few hours a week to completing surveys and trailing apps, then FeaturePoints is a valid platform than can help you to earn extra cash to supplement your income.

What About The Negatives?

There are of course some negatives to using the platform, as you will likely have read on some select FeaturePoints review posts on other websites. One of the biggest complaints from customers is that a user’s points expire – and this is a valid gripe, however, it is important to realize that points only expire if a user is inactive for over sixty days. Therefore if you remain active on the website and regularly complete the tasks, your points will be safe and remain in your account.

Another complaint from users is that it does not pay huge sums of money, however, if you treat the FeaturePoints platform as a way to supplement your normal day-to-day income then you can earn enough extra money to treat yourself; whilst discovering some great new apps.

Other reviewers have said that they have completed the necessary requirements but still not received the points. This is an understandable gripe but is a rare occurrence that does not seem to affect the majority of users.

So, is FeaturePoints legit or is it a scam?

Given that it is a completely free platform to sign up to and that the only investment you will be making is your time, then my review doesn’t question the legitimacy of FeaturePoints.

It is a very real way to earn money, and whilst you will not be earning enough to quit your day job by dedicating a few hours every week will give you extra pocket money than can be used to supplement your regular day-to-day income.

If you do decide to join, then make sure you are able to set aside the relevant time needed to complete enough tasks to make it a valuable earning tool.

How I Make My Money Online

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Thank you for reading and good luck!

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